Affordable Root Canal Treatment By Top NYC Dentist On East 116th Street, Dr.John Letizia DMD.

Are you suffering from any of these conditions?

Severe dental pain that occurs when applying pressure to your Teeth or when chewing food ?

Are your  Gums  Red, swollen or otherwise irritated ?

Do you suffer from Dark Discoloration of your Front  Teeth ?

Do you suffer from Unbearable sensitivity to hot or cold water ?

If you have experienced any of these severe conditions with regards to your oral health, you may have one or more teeth that are damaged and or decay to the point that they are in danger and possibly need to be extracted. If you are experiencing difficulties like these, don’t despair just yet, because at Smile Family Dentist we offer a Transformational treatment that could possibly restore your teeth to their full form and function with Root Canal Therapy by a skilled NYC Endodontist. We can help you restore your natural teeth and even improve their appearance here in our warm and friendly office facility. Before you know it, You will have that confident happy smile again.

Over the years people have shy away from Root Canal procedures because of it’s perceived painful nature but the fact is that it is no more dangerous than any other common dental procedures. The fact is studies show that it is a highly effective form of treatment with an extremely high success rate. We urge you to come in for a check up and let Dr.Letizia use his expertise to determine if you have a tooth in need of a Root Canal treatment. At times, these symtoms can be mild or non existent to the untrained eye which is why it’s important to come visit us at our upper east side dental office on East 116th Street in Harlem.

The process begins by making a hole in the affected tooth inner chamber. Then we will remove the diseased pulp and bacteria that is causing the infection and thoroughly clean the area before sealing it off to avoid further issues. Lastly we will cap off the area with a custom made crown in order to restore it’s full structure. In the end, you will experience no more pain, no more difficulty chewing and you’ll be amazed at how much more confident your smile will be once the procedure is over.

At Smile Family Dentist, we do our best to live up to our name by providing you with the highest quality dental care anywhere in NYC. We will have you smiling brighter and have you feeling better than ever.

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